■What is shark leather?

◆Highest material, carefully crafted in Japan

Crafting the shark leather requires techniques different from any other leathers, making it difficult, time-consuming material to handle.

All of our shark leather products are 100% natural. We use skin of blue sharks (Prionace glauca), which cannot be cultivated.

Many shark skins coming from nature are usually damaged due to the attacks from other sharks, making it difficult to obtain skin parts with no or less wounds.

Because of these facts, the availability of craftable shark leather is very limited.

◆About shark leather

1. Size of the sharks

Most of sharks from Kesen-numa city are the medium-sized sharks, about 1.5 m to 2 m.

Due to its size and damages of the skin, only the small area of skin can be crafted from one shark.

1. Size of the sharks

2. Unique, comfortable, rough, course texture

Shark leather had a beautiful course texture which resembles the stream of water.

With regular use, it will be beautifully weathered and have deep tasteful feeling.

Shark leathers commonly has a tough matte feel, but Kesen-numa’s shark leather has softer, more comfortable feel unlike any other shark skin in the world.

Material of highest quality carefully crafted by hand with Japanese craftsman becomes a world top quality shark leather.

2. Unique, comfortable, rough, course texture

3. Water resistance and durability

Shark is a marine animal, making its skin highly resistant to water.

Unlike cow skin, shark skin has no hair roots, making it water impermeable and much harder to shrink even if it gets wet.

Tough skin of the shark makes leather resistant to scratches and last-longing.

3. Water resistance and durability

4. Vivid color

It is a time-consuming process to tan the shark leather for producing its vivid color.

Tanning steps are different from as it is for cow skin and unique to shark skin.

First, scales are removed, followed by bleaching the leather.

Next, shark leather is vegetable-tanned, which best brings the texture of shark skin.

Vegetable-tanned leather also gets beautifully weathered with age. In addition, 100% natural vegetable tanning is chemical-free and environmental friendly.

Finally, by carefully tanning the leather to duotone, it creates warm, vivid color with soft, strong texture.

It takes a lot of time and processes.

However, this hand-crafted, vegetable-tanned leathers is totally different from chrome-tanned leather manufactured in mass-production.

4. Vivid color

◆Made in Japan, crafted with Japanese technique, guaranteed quality

Shark leather comes from nature, thus every material is unique to each other. Craftman carefully examines the texture of every skin, and processes each material to be exceptional.

The elegance of shark leather can be only made in Japan. Please feel the essence of Japan quality from our product.